Coming Soon! Ranty’s Round Table

Coming Soon!  Ranty’s Round Table

Are you tired of so called flat earth debate shows that do nothing but belittle and berate people who are only trying to bring their point of view to the table? Are you tired of the Jerry Springer mentality shows that are only interested in super chats and not your opinion? Do you wish there was a place where flat earthers and globe earthers can come together to have a civil discussion without fear of being called a fundy retard or a religious zealot? Would you like to be able to watch and listen to these conversations free from vitriolic and hateful comments from the chat being supported by the channel owner?
Well, here is the place for you! Ranty Flat Earth will be providing a moderated forum that will provide all these things so the community can get an honest look at all sides of the debate.
Please join Ranty Flat Earth on his channel and subscribe to be a part of this exciting new format where you can hear and learn about all sides of the Flat Earth / Ball Earth / Concave Earth debate!

Ranty’s Round Table is proudly supported by the Globebusters team! Check him out today! You’ll be glad you did!

The format would be as follows.

Anywhere from a 10 min to a 45 min presentation, completely uninterrupted, then a 5 min recess period for chat comments to filter in, with hopefully some decent questions for you.
I would not be a part of the debate either in your presentation or between the chat. You would be solely responsible for that and could answer in anyway you saw fit.
After the stream has finished, we can then track the comment section and hopefully get a flat earther, concaver or even another glober who would wish to present their own arguments against your own. The same format for him/her.
Then when both shows have finished, probably some days apart, I would invite both of you to a debate between each other.
You do not have to accept that offer and could just leave your own presentation as a standalone.
Again I would play no part other than moderator to move things forward. I wouldn’t enter an opinion.

As for the topic, rather than a catch all of bits and pieces of everything I would prefer it if you had a specialty.
One subject withing FE with which you consider yourself to be an expert. This way we can dig on down to some of the most critical points.
If this is acceptable I would enjoy listening to what you have got to say