A Flat Earth Poem by Rachel Wydra

A Flat Earth Poem by Rachel Wydra

Whenever they told you the sky was the limit
What they really meant was there’s a dome and your in it
You have been lied to by the men behind curtains
If only you’d open your eyes you’d be certain
Man has never stepped foot on the moon
It’s not solid and it’s inside the dome too
The sun they say is 93 million miles away
But if that were the case we would not see angled rays
Water has never been seen with a curve
So to think that we live on a ball is absurd
I know it sounds crazy to say the earths flat
But the curve can’t be found and that’s a plane fact
It’s simple and easy to see if you try
That the model they taught you in school was a lie
The reason they told you we live on a ball
Was to hide our creator and his love for us all
I know that it’s easier to just stay asleep
But to know that I’m special is worth it to me
See they want us to think we don’t matter at all
That we’re just some dumb monkeys stuck on a ball
That we happened by chance and evolved from nothing
But the people that told you that are all buffing
I could tell you the facts till I’m blue in the face
But the globe isn’t real, and neither is space
Do your own research and I promise you’ll find
Everything you thought you knew is a lie