2-2-2019 From Bayport Park Part 5

2-2-2019 From Bayport Park Part 5

In these series I think us FE’ers can learn a lot from but I just can’t seem to get peoples attention. I hope by me uploading part 14 early that it will spark more peoples attention and curiosity to watch the entire series of videos. I will admit there is a few boring parts but in my opinion there is somethings to learn from in each part.
I find myself being censored by YT meanwhile the globe believers claim FE is dying. I remember to to far back when you clicked on a FE video when in auto play you could watch FE videos one right after another. The globe believers also say we are not being censored but yet it’s obvious that all truth channels are not only being censored they are getting their entire channel deleted by YT.
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