124 – Flat Earth Activism, Suppression and More!

124 – Flat Earth Activism, Suppression and More!

In this episode as we struggle through some unexplained and suspicious technical difficulties but struggle through to get a 2 hour show. “Invited” guests include Steve, aka RealmWalker, Andres aka Friend of Yahweh (allegedly). We talk about all the things linked below. New channels, activism, the moon, the suppression of our podcast and other ground breaking flat earth content. An episode not to be missed!

Dean Odel by Mathew Long from FlatWorth youtu.be/Y5x41b8TBxA
Jeran satellite video youtu.be/em-yTQFWOXA
Globebusters Paper moon video. youtu.be/71Pldto4sic
Thew Tennis Video youtu.be/olKZG7JD_dU
Authentic Intent video youtu.be/UhbJvR4-v9E
Harrison Hanks. youtu.be/4B-NuBwa7Oc
Andrews Round and Curvy youtu.be/nLTiTrt3904
Andrews Mars video youtu.be/JNxQwVxQIrI
Andrews proof of the 24 hour sun in Antarctica youtu.be/lv_dcW1WrMo
Steve, ReamWalker channel youtu.be/ldF-ybN5KBQ
Chris Jericho interview youtu.be/h3mMMMjc1jA
Antarctica is closed youtu.be/HTgzSQgUn0Q
Bible sermon www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk…hcITloM-uSYzg7tdY