123 – Deep indoctrinated thoughts by Jack Handy

123  –  Deep indoctrinated thoughts by Jack Handy

This week we talk with M. Scott Veach, the son of an astronaut. We discuss how he believes what he believes. Scott is also an actor, like father like son 🙂 Dave accidentally flat smacks his blue pill sister. The impossibility of the ISS, Mark Sargent clue #13 which points out how space suits are impossible along withe more current flat earth topics.
DITRH Soyuz video https://youtu.be/JlYd99SEE40
Hillary Green Screen video https://youtu.be/XUH8MUbJl3A
Sun disappearing into thin air. https://youtu.be/32GcNxU_Zuk
Nathan Oakley slams Mick West https://youtu.be/tLYcqOyU9ZA
ISS appearing stuffed animal https://youtu.be/OampMhV_N70
Alexa (the last one is the real one) https://youtu.be/iOXwfapYCJs
Rob skiba Chicago https://youtu.be/o37t6iBS_q4
Astronauts and stars https://youtu.be/T1q8fVyvh5k