10 Challenges For Flat Earthers: COMPLETED (Part 5 – Boats “Over The Curve”?)

10 Challenges For Flat Earthers: COMPLETED (Part 5 – Boats “Over The Curve”?)

As the devastation of the chronic clown shoe (Not A) Professor Dave continues, Our friend and fellow YouTuber Don’t Sphere The Truth continues to apply the face paint to Dave for his next pathetic circus act. Dave gets schooled on the mathematics and geometry behind perspective, so pay attention this time Dave, you won’t be able BS your way through this like you did all your other classes.
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Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show as (Not A) Professor Dave goes back to the wood shed for another spanking from flat earth.

You’re a clown, DAVE! You are far better off in the circus where you belong.

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