Space Hoax Compilation

NASA’s History & Fake Astronauts

Moon Landing Hoax

Wires In Moon Landing Footage & Other Mistakes

Fake Apollo Backdrops & Locations On Earth They Stole Them From

Fake Lunar Lander

Fake Moon Buggy

Van Allen Radiation Belt

Whistle Blowers

Stanley Kubrick & His Connection To Apollo 11

ISS, Skylab & STS Hoax

ISS Harness’, Green Screens & Other Fails

Caught With Bubbles & Scuba Tanks In “Space Walk” Footage

How They Fake The Indoor ISS & Skylab Footage

What Is The Thing We See Over Our Heads If It’s Not The ISS?

Fake Globe Trickery & CGI

Fake Planet Trickery & CGI

The Real Stars And Planets

Mars Lander Hoax

Satellite & Telescope Hoax

Space X & Rocket Launch Hoax

The Vacuum Of Space

Other Fake Space Agencies

Using Gematria & Numbers To Expose NASA