wide awake exposes himself as a SHILL

wide awake exposes himself as a SHILL

Decide for yourself weather or not I’m a SHILL.
If questioning things I don’t agree with makes me a SHILL I guess I’m guilty as charged. If you fear speaking out against something that you can prove for yourself isn’t true and just ignoring it that it’s just going to go away think twice. It does IMHO make the FE subject look stupid. I’m not going to be in fear of losing subscribers over this but I’m also not wanting to cause division. Before I make a video against someone I would at least look at the content on their channel.
Someone made a video about me claiming I was a shill mainly for disagreeing with them. I was called a scumbag by one of his sheep and he asked where my star footage was. I sent a bunch of links only to find that they were deleted by the channel owner. Go figure lol.
I also thought by sending the link to his video to some of the other FE’ers they’d defend me but found they didn’t want to get involved and prefered to stay out of it. For me that was disappointing because now it makes me think they might be agreeing with the other channel.
There were a few people that did defend me so I respect them for it but I’m not sure how I should feel toward those that want to just ignore it. 😕

Should I just calmup and go along to get along or should I defend myself?????
Or should I delete my entire channel?????