Why Do You Trust These Liars? | Sung by Conspiracy Music Guru | Lyrics by Crumb, chat & jeranism

Why Do You Trust These Liars?  | Sung by Conspiracy Music Guru | Lyrics by Crumb, chat & jeranism

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Nikon zooming – level plane / Missing curve – Space is Gay / Boston Bombing – False Flag / Joe Biden’s a pedo / Dr. Fauci – Always Lying / Stevie Wonder isn’t blind / Fake Korea – We shall see ya – down the rabbit hole!
Bildabergs – Fake Bomb / Mike Obama huge dong / Ba-rock – The Kenyan Guy – How’s Your Wife Identify – Warp Speed, Vaccine / J&J Owns your genes / My-o car-di-tus – Kiss your sweet ass goodbye!

(a) Why do you trust these liars. We must be discerning cause the World’s not turning. No more astronauts on wires. This worlds fake and you know it now its time we exposed it.

Health Department – NSA / CDC and TSA / IRS, CIA and NASA is a crock! / SpaceX – Space Force – Space is fucking fake of course / Devon Island is Mars – Elon Musk is Launching Cars / Einstein was a queen – 2 more weeks of quarantine / Jussie Smollet – Fake Attack – George Floyd Swallowed crack / Said he couldn’t breathe at all – Overdosed on Fentanol / AOC and Alex Stein / Her Big Booty is so fine!

(b) Why do you trust these liars? You must be discerning cause the World’s not turning. No more astronauts on wires. We are sick of these clowns let’s get this circus shut down.

Bin Laden – In the sea / Robby Parker Smiling / Epstein didn’t die – flight logs all classified / California Communists – Newsome tops the list –/ Mask your kids – stay inside – For your health Formaldehyde

You’ll own nothing – Eat Bugs – World Economic Thugs / Klaus Schwab – Castro – His son Justin Trudeau / Psychos – The elite – Bill Gates is tracking me / Biotech – Moderna – Pfizer – Astrozenica


9/11 – No planes / Nother Drill – Nother Day / Building 7 falllling – From the plane their calling / Nano-thermite concrete – Passport found in the street / Lucky Larry Silverstein – Pulled it like a slot machine / Shanksville – Red Pill / Rumsfeld’s Missile – that’s what hit the pentagon – where has all the footage gone?


Climate Change, MSM / Selling fear on CNN / Moon Shot – Space Walks / All Faked – All Talk / All the astronauts who died – Have a twin still alive / Challenger Master Plan / Buzz Aldrin is drunk again

But the moon rocks?
That sucks!
Yeah they lied!
Rockets Fly?
Planets Tho?
All b.s.
Is Earth fucking flat?
Actually yes
Not dinosaurs
Lies of course
I can’t take it anymore!

We didn’t start the fire. It may be concerning, the NASA building is burning. Maybe Karma caught these liars – They deserve a take down for saying we go around and round and round and round and round and round…..

Chorus a, Chorus b, Chorus a

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