Where is the Curve? 4K Flat Earth Music [Mirror]

Where is the Curve? 4K Flat Earth Music [Mirror]

Anonymous Photographer video mirrored from here:

Chief Crow & The Flat Earthworms song here:

CALLING ALL CURIOUS-EARTHER PILOTS! If you’ve stumbled across this video, I would love to encourage you to buy a GoPro Hero5 or 6, and a small gimbal. We need rectilinear forward-facing night flight-lapse videos! Hardly any exist, and they can not only turn out beautiful, but they can also help tell us more about mama earth. Set the GoPro to NightLapse mode, make sure it’s set to “Linear” jpg, and capture 2fps. You guys and gals have a very unique view of the world, and I know with about $700 and a little tech help, you could start capturing some amazing flight lapse videos.

Feel free to send me an email:

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