What’s This A lens

What’s This A lens

Trusting oneself and your own intuition is better than trusting in science or people you don’t even know. There are events that are coming that will cause mass anger. The global plan is a lie but it’s still a plan that is still in action to this very day. The world isn’t over populated but it’s the same people that claim it is that say they want to save our lives from the beer bug. Please people dig in deep and do your own research into these matters before just buying what the mainstream media and the medical establishment is trying to sell you. Flat earth is just a part of the mass awakening but it’s sure not a conspiracy in my eyes because I belong to no groups of people. I work pretty much for myself on this and in the beginning I was out to debunk it.
IMHO other things that are happening world wide need to be exposed.
Sure there is definitely great science out there but IMHO we shouldn’t be putting our full trust in science especially when it comes to the BIG V.
I will do what I can in up coming videos to wake people up to both FE and the big V scam.
Unlike the media’s and some of the vaxxed that wish harm to come of the unvaxxed people, we should wish no harm comes to them. We need to show we are the more compassionate people and just maybe it will bridge the gap between us.