What Is Happening? Dozens of Birds Fall from Sky In Virginia and United Kingdom

What Is Happening? Dozens of Birds Fall from Sky In Virginia and United Kingdom

– Now we have More reports of Birds Falling from the sky and dying!
Now let’s talk about the latest birds mass deaths reported around the world:
Virginia campus mysterious bird deaths
Radford University students were shocked Thursday afternoon to see a slew of dead birds on the ground.
At least 55 American Robins were found dead or on the verge of taking their last breath on the college campus.
Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center was able to save two birds that are recovering well.
At this time, the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources is investigating the cause of death by testing five birds.

50 wild birds have been found dead at a reservoir in Sutton-in-Ashfield and people have been warned not to touch them.

In one week this month, approximately 50 wild birds were found dead at the King’s Mill Reservoir.

Officers from Ashfield District Council have been removing the dead birds and keeping the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [DEFRA] informed.

And people have been warned not to touch the dead animals.

Learn More: https://strangesounds.org/2022/02/dead-birds-radford-university-virginia-reservoir-uk-video.html

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