Vacuum Facts Dismantle SpaceX/NASA Hoax

Vacuum Facts Dismantle SpaceX/NASA Hoax

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Note: When the industrial vacuum expert talks about negative torr, he is referring to the 10 to the Negative X powers which quantify the torr scale. The torr scale is always above zero but is exponentially more powerful as it approaches zero.

760.0 torr = atmospheric pressure
10^-17 torr = 0.00000000000000001 torr = vacuum of “outer space”

The torr is based on an absolute scale, while Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales are relative scales.

With Celsius, the reference point is set as the freezing point of water, or zero. Other measurements are made relative to this point and can have positive and negative numbers.

The torr scale begins at a minimum or zero point and progresses in only one direction. The torr scale has no negative numbers…no numbers below zero. The torr is a unit of pressure defined as 1/760 of a standard atmosphere. As measured pressure (torr) decreases, the quality of the vacuum increases.

Atmospheric pressure is 760 torr.

The perfect vacuum is zero (0) torr.

10^-3 torr (medium vacuum), and 10^-17 torr (vacuum of “outer space”) are not below zero and are not negative numbers.

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