URGENT! Plants must be sourced from LOCAL PLACES, Holistic Business EP03 CO-IMPACT Sourcing

URGENT! Plants must be sourced from LOCAL PLACES, Holistic Business EP03 CO-IMPACT Sourcing

And this is how we can go BACK TO BASICS and recover the control.

Yuzen is Yusef Haddad, from Lomas Verdes México State he is an holistic leader and entrepreneur has dedicated the last 5 years of his life to help others building an holistic business and have financial freedom.

Holistic Business promotes physical, emotional and financial health, are connected with balance and respect with mother nature. All of this is possible after a decade immersion in one of the actual industries that are changing the world: Essential oils of the plants.

Only 5% of the plants in the world have essential oils, and are enough for transforming the 3 broken systems: health, education and finance.

His biggest dream es join millions of people to this transformation to real freedom.

Founder of Atrapa Sueños Tribe, and creator of Yuzen and AltarNATIVO brands.

Would you like to join the movement? you can sign for my free spanish classes here: bit.ly/doterrazensei and we will have an special class in English: SATURDAY 09:00 AM México Time
if you want to contact me personally to start this today send me an email to my private account yuzen@yuzen.pro

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