The “nORB Theory” OFFICIAL HD 3D VERSION – Flat Earth vs Globe vs ORB?! ✅ Re-upload

The “nORB Theory” OFFICIAL HD 3D VERSION – Flat Earth vs Globe vs ORB?! ✅ Re-upload

With thanks and full credit to: NorbzWorld for this amazing presentation. I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel.
The “nORB Theory” OFFICIAL HD 3D VERSION – Flat Earth vs Globe vs ORB?!
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1) Here’s the infographic::…

2: Here’s the soundtrack::…

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Hi, thanks again for taking time out to watch this. I know, it’s abstract and is meant as a thought exercise vs a definitive belief (hence ‘theory’).

First time I heard the term ‘flat earth’ or ‘geocentric vs heliocentric earth’, I thought ‘hmmm kinda crazy but it wouldn’t surprise me’.

The ancient Greek, Hebrew, Norse, Hindu and other cosmology all use the ORB theory. A lot of the theories mix well with ‘some’ parts of modern science, and ‘some’ parts of major religions.

I tried to model this after watching Martin Kenny’s video (linked above).

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