The “New” Manifest Destiny | (Colonial) Globalists VS (Indigenous) Flat Earth

The “New” Manifest Destiny | (Colonial) Globalists VS (Indigenous) Flat Earth

The Cause of this control grid is nearly unspoken online while most people are consumed by only the Effects of Heliocentrism and Western “Civilization” (at best). The Cause has always remained the same while only the Effects change in order to keep people distracted, uninformed and consumed by the profitable illusions within a sick society. Research your history, make the correlations and stop defending this psychopathic society with your politically correct emotional body defense mechanisms.

“How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native Americans”


“The NWO Virus & New World Relationships | How Flat Earth, Politics, Religion & God Get Weaponized”

“The War on Every Man, Woman & Child | Flat Earth & New World Mind Control”

“The Artificial Third Eye Effect | The New World Deception & Third Eye Hoax (Full Version)”

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“Chronicles of the Western Empire [Full Documentary] | What They Don’t Want You To Know”

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