The Lost Psalms Of King David: Psalms 151 – 155

The Lost Psalms Of King David: Psalms 151 – 155

Don’t worry guys, I’m not going anywhere and they won’t stop us as easily as they think. I don’t know if you guys have been following this angle, but they really want to end the whole FE thing and relegate this info back to the way things were before 2015/2016, but it will never happen. They’re saying FE is the single greatest threat to humanity. I’m dead serious, that’s why they have a push on to remove truthers from YT, they’ve put out several very slick anti FE propaganda vids, tried to link FE to a anon and terrorism, they have slick dehumanizing anti FE propaganda calling us “crazed religious freaks who pray away the curve.” They even rebuilt the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana to make it appear to curve with the earth! This should make it clear that they’ll literally go to ANY length to maintain the lie. But, it’s too late. They can try all they want to silence us but the truth is in too many hands now, they’ll never put it back on the box the way they aim to.

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent, I was supposed to go for surgery on my mouth a few weeks ago but its been postponed by the cvid silliness. I was posting quite a bit about it, but yt kept banning, blocking or deleting everything I put up, to the point that if I posted any more about it they would take down the whole channel.
Thankfully so many others were doing a great job of getting out the important info on it, if they hadn’t, I would have kept at it on bitchute, but thanks to Brian at HighImpact, ODD, RichieFromBoston, and many others we’ve been well on top of it. I was booked for surgery but it was postponed because everything’s backlogged from the koof plan. So, I’m tentatively back for a bit until I go for the surgery again in February. I hope everyone understands.

I started to work on this, got distracted by another piece, and completely forgot to post it, until ParableOfTheVineyard put up his wonderful piece and I remembered I’d made a short copy of the first half of them. There are 5 more, 156-160. So here are half of the Lost Psalms, 151-155. I was really excited when I saw these. I love the content it covers, particularly in the last half, 156-160 as it talks a lot about the makeup of the earth. I got carried away by another piece I read that someone sent me a link to, and it’s one of the full length pieces I’ve been working on for a while. It has some very interesting stuff, you’ll see. It’ll be out soon.

Now about the movie:
There are ten additional psalms found in the Peshitta and/or the Dead Sea Scrolls. Only Psalm 151 is included in a Bible with the NRSV and Orthodox Study Bible. These ten psalms are found in the Peshitta and/or the Dead Sea Scrolls, with only Psalm 151 being found in many manuscripts of the Septuagint (LXX)

There are lots of internet sources for these so I won’t recommend any one in particular, if you’re interested in reading them further just google them or watch it on ParableOfTheVineyard here on YouTube.
I pray for everyone’s safety and well being during these crazy times.
Ultimately, don’t worry, everything is as He ordains.
God bless everyone.