The Lie We Live | Best Flat Earth Interview Ever | Eric Dubay ▶️️

The Lie We Live | Best Flat Earth Interview Ever | Eric Dubay ▶️️

This is an interview that woke me up to the reality of flat earth. In early 2015, The Higherside Chats interviewed Eric Dubay about flat earth. Eric reuploaded it on his channel under the title ‘Masonic Matrix Manipulators’ and that’s where I listened to it. To this day it is my favorite interview on the topic of flat earth, so I decided to remix and re-edit it ODD TV style. Eric and I have a rocky relationship and I am often a target of doxing and ridicule on his IFERS website, but luckily the flat earth truth has helped me shed my ego so it doesn’t bother me much. The fact is whether Eric Dubay likes me or not, I respect and appreciate much of his work. I also know that he respects some of my work on the topic of flat earth. Recently Eric had his channel shut down by Youtube at 130,000 subscribers and it sucks. It happened to me in June of 2016 when I was at 36,000 subscribers so I know the feeling. You can resubscibe to his new channel here: — He is in the process of reuploading his videos at the moment.

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If you believe that you live on a spinning globe, think again. The spinning globe #earth paradigm is a 500 years and running #conspiracy perpetrated by the Jesuits, the Vatican, Zionist Jews and the Freemasons. There is no observable curvature on this earth and motion has never once been detected. #NASA has never been passed low #earth “orbit” and the moon landing was obviously staged. Once you understand the consequences of living on a #flatearth, you’ll start to see why this information is so important. Note: We are not the #FlatEarthSociety. They are controlled oppostion to keep people away from flat earth truth. The #flatearth is not a theory and it has not been debunked. Though we are forced to theorize on what an accurate map of the earth may look like, at least we don’t make wild claims such as #earth is spinning, earth is orbiting the sun, gravity, etc. #Earth is a flat and stationary plane just as it appears and just like our senses tell us. #NASA lies and is basically spearheading the campaign to deceive you and the rest of the world. Even #SpaceX and other “aerospace” companies are a part of the deception, at least the owners and employees at the highest echelons. (To clarify, not every scientist, pilot, school teacher or #NASA employee is in on this ordeal). Don’t let these fake space programs and mainstream #science fool you. Think critically, logically and do YOUR OWN research before blindly believing that you live on a spinning, pear shaped oblate spheroid darting through infinite #space at ridiculous speeds that have never been proven. Research Flat Earth.