The jeranism Show #31 – Tiny Men Always Prove To Be Pathetic – 2021 TOY DRIVE – 12/10/21

The jeranism Show #31 – Tiny Men Always Prove To Be Pathetic – 2021 TOY DRIVE  – 12/10/21

Should be a fun show. I will be taking the show to Rokfin when I get incredibly personal. Today’s show may not be for you. To watch the second part, please sign-up and subscribe at

2021 TOY DRIVE INFO: Jeran & Missa have pledged $250 to buy toys for local children next week. If you would like to join in for any reason, perhaps you work or won’t have time, simply send a Super Chat during the show or a Rokfin tip or a tip to my StreamLabs page: All proceeds (minus Google Fee of 30%, Rokfin, Streamlabs etc.) will go directly to the toys and wrapping. We will buy the toys LIVE and deliver them as well. Jeran and Missa also will be matching your donations up to an additional $250. So, if $250 is collected in tips, Jeran and Missa will be adding $250 of their own plus matching the $250 for a total of $750. If the tips go beyond $1000, some of the money will be used to buy socks and underwear for a homeless camp in our town where there are about 50 tents and people are sleeping in the cold. We will buy and hand out packages of these as well. No money made today will be used for other purposes. If you don’t trust me or think this is some sort of scam, please do not donate.

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