The Great Trees Of The Earth

The Great Trees Of The Earth

Hello all, welcome back to the channel! While I was away for a while and wasn’t able to post, I still kept up with everything as best I could.

In the time before the great flood (and all the subsequent mudfloods and movements of the continents, the raising and lowering of great swathes of the Earth)… everything was much much bigger! Including the trees, people and animals. ???? ???? ????. Indeed, scripture says there was even one extreme large tree in the center which reached into the heavens, just as its depicted in the Norse system.

The petrified remains of giants, the buried cities of antiquity, antiquitech, and more… many of these incredible images will be in my next video, which covers that as well as a huge amount and array of ancient discoveries found by the pioneers of america.

I had this one made for quite some time, it’s just a quickie… after seeing a comment about it I figured I should post it. If I don’t post about it the people assume I don’t know about it. ????????‍♂️
Stand by, there’s lots more to come!

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