The Flat Book (Flat Earth)

The Flat Book (Flat Earth)

There must be new FE’ers who haven’t seen this.
The creator of this video, (Paul Cheeft, AKA “X”) is a young man who is an absolute genius. He compiled his research in graphic form and made this amazing vid called “The Flat Book Cosmology”.
Later, when I had learned a lot from watching it I started to make stuff covering some of these topics. Eventually Paul and I worked together on a second project, “Flat Book Vol. 2”

I created a bitchute account so head on over and subscribe. There’s talk of a major purge coming with COPPA, so we’ll see what happens. Go figure, they use children as the excuse to take down any content they dislike, with as little backlash as possible. They are so obvious. The truth is they have really taken a pounding the last few years, they’ve failed to hit so many of their deadlines and they’ve lost people’s confidence in droves… I’m surprised they didn’t pull the whole thing (YT) a long time ago. It doesn’t matter now, it’s way too late… too many people know now, and they can’t keep everyone shut up forever. Any way you slice it, their time is very short now.
Anyway… the Bitchute account is
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