The Flat Book Cosmology

The Flat Book Cosmology

By Paul Cheeft, aka X.
I spoke with a viewer who said she was new to the flat earth, a few months new, and I realized there must be many new FE’ers who haven’t seen any of this content, and a refresher post might be good. So for my older viewers and subscribers who have seen all this before, hang in there, I still have lots more new stuff coming. And some I’m sure can still learn from this presentation or fund it useful.
The creator of this video, (Paul Cheeft, AKA “X”) is a young genius who compiled his research in this beautiful graphical form and made this wonderful creation called “The Flat Book Cosmology”.
Later, when I had learned a lot from watching it I started to make vids covering some of these topics. Eventually Paul and I worked together on a second smaller project, “Flat Book Vol. 2” which I will try to air again soon.
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Thank you for watching and commenting.
God bless you, one and all.
Glen, fwfe.