The Dystopia Comedilosophy Series – EP1: Tech

The Dystopia Comedilosophy Series – EP1: Tech

Full one hour episode is monetized here This is for a few reasons: 1) Youtube recently restricting, censoring, hiding, and attacking this channel, therefore killing its growth. 2) I give a big part of myself in this series, so this is only for those who really like and support my content, not for the passing-curious. 3) This series has well over a hundred hours of considered work invested, and if enough support, I will use the funds to do live dates in Phoenix, LA, and San Fran. The world needs truther-comedy now more than ever. I have the material and the courage πŸ™‚

Episode 2 (Beliefs) and Episode 3 (Humans) coming soon.

Donations to the cause via paypal to or Ether Tip Jar to 0xfe3c639b08bd71fda9b359cdf3dfafe14e3d2005

Full Episode includes comedilosophy on Privacy, Transhumanism, Millennials, 2020 technological expectations, and much more. β˜•
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