The Coronavirus Pandemic Forces Leaders To Decide: Save Lives Or The Economy?

The Coronavirus Pandemic Forces Leaders To Decide: Save Lives Or The Economy?

Governments around the world are struggling to answer: What’s the bigger priority, saving lives or the economy?

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Lots of strong opinions on both sides and not a lot of agreement (yet).

China-style lockdowns are hard for most leaders to swallow, as they result in gut-wrenching economic losses, mass job layoffs, and supply shortages.

But keeping people at work or returning them too soon risks higher infection rates, likely overwhelming the health care system for *everyone*, likely resulting in a lot more avoidable deaths.

No matter the path chosen, reducing the rate of spread of the pandemic is something that benefits everyone.

In today’s video, Chris spends time highlighting a number of personal behaviors, treatment programs, and national policies that show promise on this front.

We all have our part to play in that great call to slow covid-19 in its tracks as best we can.

A helpful resource in doing this is’ new free report: The Covid-19 Home Lockdown Survival Guide.

We’ve written this to be a comprehensive collection of the resources you need to stay safe, sane and solvent through the covid-19 crisis.

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