The Apocryphon Of Jannes And Jambres – Lost Book Of The Apocrypha (Full Audiobook)

The Apocryphon Of Jannes And Jambres – Lost Book Of The Apocrypha (Full Audiobook)

The names Jannes and Jambres (Greek: Ἰάννης, Ἰαμβρῆς; Iannēs, Iambrēs) appear in 2 Timothy.
in the New Testament. Origen says that there was an apocryphal book called The Book of Jannes and Jambres, containing details of their exploits, and that Paul the Apostle was quoting from it. This book, known as The Apocryphon of Jannes and Jambres the magicians, exists in some Greek fragments present in the Chester Beatty Papyri No XVI (which has been edited and translated by Albert Pietersma and in an extensive Ethiopic fragment which was discovered in 2014.

It was also probably known to the Qumran community, since the Qumran community refers to one of the magicians by the name of Jannes. The Testament of Solomon also refers to the magicians by the name of Jannes and Jambres.
Two "wise men" are referred to by the names "Johana and Mamre" in the Babylonian Talmud in Menachoth 85a. “Jannis and Jambres" are mentioned by name in the Targum of Pseudo-Jonathan in sections Exodus 1:15,[8] Exodus 7:10-12,[9] and Numbers 22:2.

Jewish traditions in the Targums preserve other legendary lore about the pair. They are called the sons of Balaam, the unwitting non-Jewish prophet of Peor. It was also said that they converted to Judaism, and that they left Egypt at the Exodus to accompany Moses and the Israelites; however, they perished on the way, either at the Red Sea, or the destruction of the Golden Calf, or at the slaughter of Korah and his follower.

Apart from their opposition to Moses there are other aggadic lore and legends about Egyptian sorcerers; it was said that during the end of their days they had necessary occult knowledge to embark on a journey to the Jewish world to come. They were not welcomed and the angels of the first few heavens fought them vigorously but they could not evict them due to the potent talismans that were worn by the wizards. As they entered the fourth heaven they were met by Michael and Gabriel; legends say that the battle was very evenly balanced, but in the end it was the angels who had to fall back. Upon entering the fifth heaven they were met by none other than Metatron, who did not come at them with defiance or anger, but appeared accommodating, considering the circumstances; after conversing for a short time the angel was successful in convincing Jannes and Jambres to remove their talismans, leaving them thus vulnerable. Metatron was quick to act and threw them out of heaven with a wave of his hand. It is said that they lost all memory of the event after that.

The "Book of Jasher", of which the earliest known copy is from a 16th Century Hebrew printed manuscript (first edition 1552), also refers to the two magicians by the name of Jannes and Jambres.
The name of Jannes as magicians occurs in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History (XXX, II, 11) Pliny refers to Jambres and Iotape as famous magicians of antiquity related rather than against Moses; Pliny’s citation is also referred to in Apuleius. Numenius of Apamea, a Neopythagorean philosopher, called them sacred Egyptian scribes. The Gospel of Nicodemus also refers to the magicians by the name of Jannes and Jambres.

Josephus also spoke about Moses encounter upon return to Egypt to confront Pharaoh in antiq. Of the Jews book 2 ch 13.2
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