The Actual Mountain Moved By God

The Actual Mountain Moved By God

Right after posting the last video about the story in The Travels of Marco Polo of the Christians who moved the mountain with faith, I mentioned it to a friend who is a Coptic Christian and he had quite a bit to add… He said it’s completely true and is well known to his people, that it happened at this particular mountain named Al Mokattam, near Cairo Egypt, and that located near there is the Monastery of the shoemaker who took out his eye and prayed for the mountain to move, known as St. Simon the Tanner.
The story was popularly told in Baghdad and was often misattributed to being in Baghdad or one of a few other middle eastern cities.

Al Mokattam mountain is where the mountain was moved when Simon The Tanner prayed to God for his Christian brethren and God moved the mountain, which caused the Muslim Khalif and several men of his guard to convert to Christianity.
Part of the rock formation near the site where the mountain moved has a huge cave which became The Monastery Of St. Simon the Tanner. The RCC has since prefixed it ‘The Virgin Mary and St. Simon The Tanner Monastery".

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