Texas Sends Law Enforcement After House Democrats That Fled The State to D.C.

Texas Sends Law Enforcement After House Democrats That Fled The State to D.C.

The Texas House voted Tuesday to have law enforcement track down Democratic lawmakers who fled the state to deny a quorum needed to pass a controversial elections bill, an escalation in the growing feud between the two parties over the legislation.

The chamber voted by a 76-4 margin to authorize law enforcement to return the Democrats to Austin after they flew to Washington, D.C., to prevent the elections bill from passing in a special legislative session.

The gambit left only 80 members present in the House. Of the 67 Democrats who serve in the chamber, only 4 were present. All four voted against the “call of the House.”-

Learn More: https://breaking911.com/texas-house-democrats-leave-the-state-to-block-republican-voting-law/


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