Static Planar Truth ~ With a Twist of Faith

Static Planar Truth ~ With a Twist of Faith

Hi Everyone and Thank you for checking out our new original content for your digestion, review and contemplation. In this video we tackle an array of deceptions of this world including everything from Satellites to the Medical Industry and everything in between. Finally, we round off the revelation of so many important truths during our recent years with a snapshot of my personal rationale in choosing the often obscure path described by the master in our personal journey towards revelation and a personal anecdote to supercharge your faith and hopefully renew your relationship with the Good Shepherd.
As I mentioned in the video, I have been scouring the net to try and find a video which I’ve actually used in at least one of my own vids, but I cannot seem to find this clips for the life of me… If you remember the video which entails a high-tech communications "satellite" which obviously crash landed somewhere in south america, attached to a weather balloon. The instrument panels are audibly beeping and visibly flashing indicator lights as a half-dozen natives film this oddity with their cell phones. The video was easy to find a few years ago, now I can’t find it for the life of me, so please send a link if you have access to the video I’ve described. I would even offer a rewad but
This video contains a clip created by the "Trailer Park Boys" who’s original series is currently available on NetFlix, and the clip contained herein Is available on youtube here:

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