Star Wormwood – Ukraine’s Chernobyl Region and Biblical Prophecy

Star Wormwood – Ukraine’s Chernobyl Region and Biblical Prophecy

-The “Star Wormwood” memorial complex, was built in 2010 – 2011, to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, located in the historic center of Chernobyl. Previously, on the site of the complex, houses were located in which people lived before the accident, and after the evacuation of the building, they were empty. The idea to create a memorial complex arose in the 90s. The author of the project is the artist, Honored Art Worker Anatoly Vasilievich Gaydamak, who is also known for his artistic design of the National Chernobyl Museum in Kiev. At the beginning of the construction of the memorial, a dozen houses were demolished, thereby clearing the site for the construction of the future park. In the central part of the complex, an alley was constructed with the names of permanently evacuated settlements, which consists of 162 tablets. #Wormwood #Ukraine #StarWormwood

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