Spiritual Wickedness On High #2

Spiritual Wickedness On High #2

my phone ran out of space during the recording of the first part of this so here is the remix or annex or amendments to the video above titled as such.
more or less ebayging but what is a panhandler without the handle on his pan? (yes that is a rhetorical question so don’t answer with d****** comments please and thank you.)

snapshot and pulse check of spiritual wickedness in high places within the criminal Injustice non-system. also known as the chickenshit operation of all times.
a follow-up video is RIGHT HERE because I ran out of space on my phone. one love and again thank you for the positive feedback on the last video. forgive the syntax errors but I’m not editing the capital letters lacking in the first of each sentence. deal with it or change the channel woof woof.
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