Spartanburg bound on the way to Flat-toberfest!

Spartanburg bound on the way to Flat-toberfest!

Hi everyone!!
this is a quick status update on the way across the country to South Carolina for flat toberfest. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still in route although not making the best of time. I drove till I simply couldn’t drive anymore and unfortunately we don’t have the funds to get a hotel so we are just going to rest on the side of the highway at the rest stop — just for a few hours — my eyelids were getting pretty heavy so I had to play it safe and brace myself for a bit of uncomfortable rest in the front seat of the car. If you would like to help ensure that we have enough gas to get the entire way I’ll put links below — if we run out of gas Lily is not very good at pushing the car but if worse comes to worst we will harness her up and crack her with the mush whip LOL. Contributions are optional not obligational but I sure could use the help as it would be awesome to get some breakfast in the morning — as it stands I should have exactly enough money for gas — God willing. Anyways I’m going to get some shut eye. I will see some of you crazy cats in South Carolina sometime late this afternoon; early in the evening. Many thanks cheers and God bless!
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Stay flat y’all! I uploaded section 3 of the tetic cosmogony before I left Kansas and set it to premier or appear in the public feed a few hours ago. please check that out if you have not already as it is a very interesting section containing a lot of great chapters. enjoy