Space Crack Mag Volume 1 with Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, PhD | A Presentation

Space Crack Mag Volume 1 with Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, PhD | A Presentation

Thanks for joining me for another Thursday presentation. This week we have Rodrigo discussing his newest creation, Space Crack Magazine. Today he will be discussing Volume 1 as well as the Aereus Report Supplement. Enjoy the show and find all the links discussed in the stream below!

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes, PhD is a social and cultural anthropologist with a PhD from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, a Masters in Anthropology, and a double bachelor in Anthropology and Classics from the University of British Columbia in Canada. He is also a musician, with a number of albums over the years, in jazz, samba, bossa nova, music, rock, metal and pop. He is the creator of a music education and production program, as well as a traditional apprenticeship-inspired method for researching and analyzing current themes with the tools of the social sciences, audiovisual production and music-making. He has been a regular panel member on Globebusters, a speaker at the Amsterdam Conference and a weekly panel member on my Friday Lounge series as well.

Space Crack Mag Volume 1!5hUUiSLK!OtQ5EZWeSh2VmN7iEuoF7qk0h-7KXn_FWNgh2zBe6ag

Aereus Report – Space Crack Supplement!c4cAzaBb!g9MoRtV6gHPwtgwHldvCHRnAoCR2zauMWJlOoNIQuyY

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes Patreon

Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes YouTube


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