””’Santos Bonacci KILLED a Man I Got the Police Report ?DWO Live!””’

””’Santos Bonacci KILLED a Man  I Got the Police Report  ?DWO Live!””’

Producer of this vid chalkbodyoutline YT channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWSkpA4ajNE
Notice the comments by Eilish De Avalon, I know her personally, her body odor is as foul as the sewers and she wears so much make up to cover her grotesque ugliness, she is a LIAR, a HAG, a bar whore, a blob of snot, dumb as dog shit, just like my niece says she is a meddler in other peoples affairs and a degenerate, see the witch here: https://www.facebook.com/Eilishdeavalon …. also see the comments by Malika Dinesh – Annapurna the looser, MAL means evil, and Ka means soul, Din = Satan and esh means fire…. so, evil souled satanic hell fire is who she is, i will deal with her in time, santos means saint and BON means good, cci = Chi or prana, so, Saint good energy is what my name is…….

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