Relics Of Ancient America (Part 1)

Relics Of Ancient America (Part 1)

*Relics Of Ancient America: WHAT THE PIONEERS FOUND*

Reading from the book *Relics Of Ancient America,* Volume 1, 1869 AD. Compiled by Iner Lamb.

There is *so much* going on in this book *(and the others that I’ve found)* that it’s hard to get a handle on it all. *These books include so many amazing descriptions, such as:* Giants of all shapes and sizes, and from all the States, buried mega-cities, 3,000 mummies in catacombs and tunnels under Lexington, Kentucky… mega-trees with matching mega-axes, *a description of 75,000 skulls of giants* from an unknown race, another description of *200,000 skulls all piled up and each with an arrow embedded in the skull*… and *so much more!*
I wonder what we’ll learn about in the next instalment? Make sure to come back for more soon.

Where is this from? Well, I’ve just found a great source of verified findings from the Smithsonian and official American archaeologists. Some are secret internal documents between the Smithsonian and US authorities, others are newsletters and periodicals from Universities and major Archaeology departments that they thought would never see the light of day, as they thought the public wouldn’t bother with such “scientific papers”, ????.
The things they reveal are mind boggling. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the introduction to this book. I’ve found several books like this, and there are hundreds (?) maybe even a thousand, separate, individual descriptions of unique archaeological finds in this book alone that you’ve probably never heard of or seen before.

These are some true secrets of the past in America. They were buried under our feet, many incredible objects were carelessly discarded, facts kept from the people for hundreds of years, and thousands of years of incredible history that was otherwise lost may be recovered and uncovered.

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