Refraction The Bending Of Light

Refraction The Bending Of Light

Filmed on 12-13-2020
Yes unfortunately this is another long observation but it also has some very interesting optical effects. Using your own common senses and reasoning one should start to see the patterns of these effects. There are multiple effects and combinations of effects that IMHO causes objects to appear to vanish bottom up. There are many of these effects you can see on many of my huge collection of observations.

I’ve seen and observed magnification, compression, distorted, and completely missing object that on any other day would be clearly visible.
The angle of light to even the direction the wind is blowing can cause different optical effects. Does light bend? Yes I have concluded the light not only bends up but it also bends down or at least gives us the appearance of it bending. Without good visibility you also lose a lot of your angular resolution limits and that alone can cause an illusion.

I’ve watched this footage many times over and in fact started to make a video several times never found enough time to sit down and complete it.
There is some really good stuff in here I wanted to talk more about but I’d have to make my videos even longer. lol

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