Reaching out for Help From Friends

Reaching out for Help From Friends

Hi all – I hope you and yours are well. I created this short video to reach out for help from our friends in the community, as we’re at the proverbial end of our rope here — trying to hang onto this hotel room for another week so that we might find a more feasible / permanent living situation. It brings me no joy to ask for help like this, but at this point my family is facing homelessness as a very real possibility here. Every penny we get goes to paying for this hotel room, so its been very difficult to make a move to better our situation.
I have faith that the Most High Creator has a plan and a path for us, I just don’t see it yet. Your prayers and good vibes are welcomed, and of course if you are willing and able to help out financially, your support is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance for your support and encouragement, and feel free to contact me if you would like to talk. Cheers and God bless !
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