Proving the Moon is Close… and NASA lies – Flat Earth

Proving the Moon is Close… and NASA lies – Flat Earth

I wish to show my brothers and sisters the truth about God’s creation. Time is short and we should not hold back if something has potential to draw anyone to the Lord. I believe that Jesus is the truth, and the Bible is the truth, and we have to take what it says to heart and let the word of God be the standard that we test the wisdom of this world. The fact of the matter is NASA is lying. Many things have been proven fake especially lately. They are a free masonic organization whose sole purpose is to deceive the masses into believing in an infinite ever expanding universe where anything is possible (like atheism), Big bang, evolution, alien’s seeding us here, alien abduction, and an alien savior.

Space/the globe is the base deception on which all of Satan’s other deceptions stem. You remove it, the rest crumble. The TRUTH shall set you FREE. The truth is, the earth is not moving and it is set on pillars, just like the bible says. The Lord compassed the waters with bounds just like the bible says (Antarctica is an ice ring around us). We are under a firmament that God placed over the earth like a tent (in which God placed the sun moon and stars). Just like the bible says. The Lord created the sun on the fourth day. So we revolved around nothing the first three days of creation apparently?

Joshua asked for the sun and moon to stop, and they did because they circle overhead. The bible says nothing about the earth stopped spinning at a thousand miles an hour then kicked it back into gear a day later, and if it did the world would be destroyed instantly. I realize this goes completely against the wisdom of this world but the Lord considers that foolishness anyway.

Think about it, why wouldn’t God just let them build on that tower of babel until they reached space… I mean the vacuum and temperature of space would’ve pretty much taken care of things I would think, not to mention the violent 1038mph earth spin they’d come into contact with at some point.

How did Satan take Jesus up on a high enough mountain to see the entire earth if we live on a ball?… the bible said he did.

How will every eye see Jesus when he return’s if we live on a ball?

Every person in the bible knew the earth was flat. In fact everyone did for 5500 years until Lucifer set his end game plan into motion. He needs the globe for his deceptions at the end during the tribulation to work. We’ve been indoctrinated since birth to believe we live on a globe, all of us have, and for generations. There is a ton of evidence for the flat earth, yet most won’t even look. Why is that? Why will we look at evidence for literally anything else in the whole world, but for some reason see evidence for a flat stationary earth as craziness and can’t even bare to hear about it? Doesn’t that strike you as odd? Something that we all instinctively share denial for?

Satan has fooled the whole world. See through his deception before it’s too late. It won’t save your soul, only Jesus can do that, but God wants his children to see his creation for what it is and know the truth regarding his word.


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