Proof SpaceX Changed & Edited Their Live Stream Falcon Heavy Launch

Proof SpaceX Changed & Edited Their Live Stream Falcon Heavy Launch

A quick video in reply to those who have asked for a more concise explanation of what I am accusing SpaceX of doing and how and why it is not allowed for other channels. So, here it is covering three things only including the 100% proof.

1. SpaceX trimmed its Livestream. They did this after they had millions of views which is against YouTube policy. Only videos with less than 100,000 views can trim livestreams.

2. They placed a video in and on top of the live stream video. This is never allowed from any channel nor does anyone even know how you can do it.

3. They moved an out of sequence fairing separation to the place it was supposed to be. Again, no other YouTube channel has this ability

Essentially, SpaceX has changed history .

SpaceX Channel:
SpaceX EDITED livestream:

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