Please Help – Together We Can Make “The Survivors of Atlantis” Return (plus Coronavirus gossip)

Please Help – Together We Can Make “The Survivors of Atlantis” Return (plus Coronavirus gossip)

HIGH LEVEL ALERT FOR ANYBODY PUBLISHING ANY PHOTO MATERIAL ANYWHERE! NEW CRAZY COPYRIGHT LAWS CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE! Even for reuploading my videos anywhere you can be taken to court by other people (if the given video has a photo taken by them). "High level" because now for absolutely non commercial research/educational use of a copyrighted image you can be sued in a foreign country without your presence, declared guilty for 100 000 euro (I am not drunk and it is per single image) and your local police will take that foreign court decision and execute without any additional confirmation needed. “Fair use” does not exist any more with the new laws at least in Europe – although it exists in the local laws of some European countries the fact that people can be sued from abroad VERY EASILY (no extra costs or complications) cancels that protection. Publishing the image is enough, just having it on your hosting server for example – even if nobody sees it you are surely declared guilty without any chance of defence. The photographer gets few hundred at the end and the thousands are for the specialised predatory class lawyers bred by this type of ridiculous laws. EU citizens are prime prey at the moment, but the preditors will not hesitate to suck exotic foreign blood as well when they gets a chance and the numerous international conventions for copyright do give opportunities! WEBSITE OWNERS ARE PRIMARILY THE VICTIMS because the name/address of the fresh meat/blood could be easily obtained from the domain registrars, but since spying technologies develop so fast the times when one cannot be anonymous even on youtube are not far in the future (unless we wake up and prevent this European madness from spreading).
How safe is to reload my videos to any platform – as long as you upload only footage taken by me on the expeditions and my voice you are absolutely safe even if you can be traced – i will not take anybody to court for non commercial reuse (or even minor commercial ads), but i do request to leave the watermark well visible. The music I use in the videos which are as of today public is also safe but only for non commercial use and only when credit is given (i try my best with music credits, but with hundreds of videos there could be omissions esp in the older videos). They also have fully legal insidious nasty ways to extract money from innocent people with “copyrighted music” (which is actually not), but it seems it is done in small sums, not like with the images where the average cost would be 8000 euro per image per use or absolutely non commercial research/educational purpose without the need of anybody to have even seen the image publicly! More details in my next videos.
Maybe you wonder then why do you read about “fair use” in the articles about copyright? This concept really exists in some countries, however with the new rules to prosecute from abroad even without your presence…. of course the preditors packs have quickly set up head hunting camps in the countries where fair use does not exist and have fresh international blood delivered and served on the table for free, courtesy of the police!
I hope we can stop this madness rather sooner than later with petitions or something similar. Activism does work – now Ayahuasca is fully legal in couple of USA cities! (facebook messages are not monitored)

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