Pillars of a Hidden Ideology | What REALLY Happened to America?

Pillars of a Hidden Ideology | What REALLY Happened to America?

This is my “Black History Month” Documentary.

“An Artist’s Duty”

“A Joyful Noise – Part 2 (1980) Sun Ra – Robert Mugges”

“Untold History Of The Aborigines Of America – African Americans Are Indigenous To America Not Africa”

“Amaruca The Mind Control | The Intention of Mainstream”

“Is The Human Story Separate From The Flat Earth Story???”

“The “New” Manifest Destiny | (Colonial) Globalists VS (Indigenous) Flat Earth”

“Mark Dice Represents All That Is Wrong With The Post-Columbian Psyche”

“Toni Morrison, what racism is”

“Why Hide the Real History of the Indigenous Americans? | James Baldwin”

“How The U.S. Government Gave White Americans An Advantage”

“How & Why Things Don’t Change | Black Panther Movie | Kyrie Irving | Saviors | Flat Earth | SpaceX”

“What Are “They” Doing? | SpaceX | CERN | Aliens | Simulation Theory | Flat Earth | Quantum Physics”

“Simulation Theory – Where Atheism Meets New God & Aliens | CERN | SpaceX | Flat Earth”

“Sun Ra Interview (Helsinki, 1971)”


“Flat Earth & The Sensory Universe | How the Matrix Evolves Through the Individual Experience”

“The Plague of Modernism – Synthetic God Consciousness | Flat Earth & Modern Society”

“The Alchemy Behind A Theoretical Universe (Flat Earth) | Overstimulation, Desensitization & Chaos”

“Psychology of the Matrix | The Real Black Panther Movie”

Subtle Infinity Soundcloud:

“The War on Every Man, Woman & Child | Flat Earth & New World Mind Control”

“The Western Protagonist – How to Enslave a World | Flat Earth | Black Mirror”

“Chronicles of the Western Empire [Full Documentary] | What They Don’t Want You To Know”

“Top Picks” Playlist

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