PhD’s Test Confirms No Curvature to the Earth

PhD’s Test Confirms No Curvature to the Earth

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Final Conclusion: – Time Index 1:33:18 Summary (And death blow to the Globe): 1:34:24
“The ‘curvature (non-specialised environmental conditions) model’ and terrestrial refraction cannot account for the camera observations of the Car head lights along Brighton Sea front made (on the evening of 24th October 2018).
There is no scientific concept or photographic proof that supports the refraction of light in a downward direction over the sea during either the day or evening/night under normal ‘non-specialised’ conditions.
If anyone says ‘light refracts downward over the seat at night under normal ‘non-specialised’ conditions’, they are either ignorant, lying or a science denier, as they will be unable to provide any accepted scientific mechanism to explain why light could be refracted downward over the sea at night under normal ‘non-specialised’ conditions’. Would anyone be so irrational, that they would deny the scientifically proved existence of Land and Sea breezes?”

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