Ph.D. Scientist: Metabunk Creator Caught Lying

Ph.D. Scientist: Metabunk Creator Caught Lying

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My previous video presented my observations and conclusions based on my known and accepted scientific knowledge (the specific heat capacity of water, land and sea breezes etc.).

Mr Mick West from made a comment that challenged the integrity of this research. His statement is a deceitful lie – why?… because what he said about the buildings is blatantly not true. I and others have done the measurements, I invite you to do the same.

I have asked Mr West to take stills of the video, if he hasn’t done already and do the same, as well as provide video showing the temperature measurements he took that day, which would be an important source of data to prove if light was refracting in a downward direction or not.

Mr Mick West has sent me numerous emails, but I am still waiting for the key two points of evidence I have requested, which he must have in order to have made such a statement. These are:

1) The detailed analysis of stills you did from the video footage that clearly show beyond reasonable doubt (to anyone) that the buildings get more vertically compressed as you get closer to the horizon, which is your claimed proof that downward refraction is occurring.

2) A dated video of a range of temperature readings taken at 1 metre intervals between 0 – 15 metres at Worthing and / or Brighton, taken on the evening of Wednesday 23rd October. This will prove the existence of a temperature gradient, that could cause refraction (in a downward direction).

I have requested to receive these two points of evidence by close of business Thursday 13th December.