ODD TV Illusions | with A Modern Odyssey Animated Short Film ▶️️

ODD TV Illusions | with A Modern Odyssey Animated Short Film ▶️️

Most powerful animated short film ever made mixed with ‘Illusions’ by ODD TV.

Here’s the full animation (MUST SEE) –
IN-SHADOW – A Modern Odyssey – Animated Short Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

Free download of Illusions (from the album Never Sleep Again): https://soundcloud.com/overdosedenvermusic/sets/never-sleep-again-album

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by

Take a look around you what you see is just illusions
Everything goes in circles but there’s no revolutions
They create the problems then they offer the solutions
we’re nothing but goyim to ‘em, they treat us like subhumans

Repeat after me, I am not free – They’re lyin’ to you, they’re lyin’ to me
what are they hiding, I’m dying to see – why is it God that they’re trying to be?
The acquisition of wealth and power is what they know
they’ve always been among us, they own us, they run the show
when it comes to makin’ a difference, we ain’t movin’
freedom is a fallacy, you’re just a free range human
from the crib to the grave, you live as a slave and that’s just a matter of fact
if you wanna see change, forget all the games, we’re gonna just have to attack
this is our world and we’re snatchin’ it back, if you don’t want it move off to the side
not for the cowardly, not for the weak, only the strong come along for the ride
it won’t be easy, I’m not gonna lie, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna try
with everything that they’re doin’ to all of us, maybe tomorrow we’re all gonna die
either way they kill us slowly, dumb us down and make us dopey
everything you see is fake and all the news you get is phoney
it’s time we show the people, how the elite are so deceitful
it’s time we rise up high up enough to expose this evil

odd tv truth a vision, it’s the one and only
they hate the fact that I’m nosy, but I say fuck it, blow me
I’m a researcher, a real truth seeker
This is my class room fool, I’m a school teacher
prepared to be blown away, everything you know gets thrown away
take your mind to a whole nother level, put the peddle to the metal with no delay
how much worse must it get… before we do something about it?
For We are many, they are few, man we got ‘em surrounded
it’s time we think outside the cage, where our brains have been placed
the true history of the world has been changed and erased
it’s 1984, these things are so orwellian
big brother motherfucker, super totalitarian
your thoughts being suggested, your speech being suppressed
always being corrected, freedom being oppressed
always under surveillance, in a state of unrest
and if you protest it, they put your ass under arrest

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