O.D.D TV | This is Our World | Truth Music / Conscious Rap

O.D.D TV | This is Our World | Truth Music / Conscious Rap

Written and produced by O.D.D TV for upcoming album ‘Never Sleep Again Part II’


All my homies are askin’ what I’m so mad at
The human race is enslaved, I can’t see past that
and I’m sick of being treated like a lab rat
turnin’ all our lives into a joke that they can laugh at
life is supposed to be an adventure where you’re free to roam
but to most people, having freedom isn’t even known
free range humans that don’t even know that their freedoms gone
when you’re start seekin’ a reason, all roads will lead to rome
the holy roman empire, it never really fell
they control everything under the dome, in which we dwell
they want earth to be exactly the way it is in hell
they stole your mind and they turned it into a prison cell
kept in the matrix, you must beware of the agents
you might just stare in amazement, once you’re aware and awakened
all the deception is blatant, kind of embarrassin’ ain’t it
there is no where they won’t take it and now it’s time that we change it

This is OUR WORLD (our world)
there is no changin’ the fact
we came to take it all back
it’s time to reclaim it
This is OUR WORLD (our world)
we will go out with a fight
put our foot down for what’s right
we won’t won’t tolerate it
This is OUR WORLD (our world)
and we just won’t take anymore
ready to take it to war
no way to escape it
This is OUR WORLD (our world)
there’s nowhere to run or to hide
plus we have God on our side
you ain’t gonna make it

open up your eyes….. look where we are
the zionists and jesuits took it too far
the conditions that we live in are truly bizarre
time to rip up this entire system and pull it apart
I Knew from the start that this battle will not be easy
I try to wake people up to truth, but they still don’t believe me
they keep the poor people poor, meanwhile the rich just grow greedy
we’re gonna have to stand up to them ‘cause they will not go freely
everything you think you know is wrong, I bet that’s a surprise
they slapped a bow on top and sold us a package of lies
from ancient knowledge and true wisdom, they have us deprived
we gotta fight, the only chance that we have to survive
We’re fed up, we’ve had it with – this stupid ass establishment
everything they preach to us and teach us is inaccurate
we have had enough of this, we’re angry and we’re ‘bout to flip
they don’t how crazy it’s about to get…..


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