O.D.D TV | On My Way Back Down (Truth Music) ▶️️

O.D.D TV | On My Way Back Down (Truth Music) ▶️️

New song ‘On my Way Back Down’ 2018
Written / Performed / Produced by ODD TV

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I’m on my way down, I’m on my way down,
I’m on my way back down, I’m on my way down

Stuck so far down in the dark, All I hear is the pound of my heart
Somethin’ ‘bout livin’ in this world isn’t right,
You try to get some light & they devour the spark
Can’t even get a fire goin’, but there’s one inside my soul,
and I can’t even show it, when I’m stuffed inside this h*le

Verse 01
I’m on my way back down, keep sinkin’ a little deeper,
and I’m screamin’ f**k the world, stickin’ up my middle finger,
I know what’s goin’ on here and I just don’t belong here,
I’m in my own personal h3ll and it’s just too d@mn hot here,
but nope not now and not here, never see me goin’ out like a punk,
but no matter how hard I try to fly, I feel trapped in a box where time is stuck,
I still try my luck, like a mighty duck, ya can’t win if you don’t even play the game,
but that’s just it, you play and play, and things just always stay the same,
& everybody’s just so fake and lame, men and women ain’t built like they used to be,
and it’s not just about how humans are stupid, but we are being controlled ruthlessly,
Truthfully, we need a mutiny, but nobody’s ready to rise up,
it’s a lost tradition, & I’m on a mission, but the clock is tickin’, now time’s up,
and I’m tough, but that’s just not enough in all totality,
the rulers have you sidetracked while they hijack your reality,
feel like I’m about to drown, and I just have to frown,
No laughing matter, I hear my passion come crashin’ down,

Verse 02
I used to have a fear of falling, but now I hear it calling,
& it’s appalling, my spirits longing, I feel it crawling,
It’s really haunting, my minds dissolving to nothingness,
and it’s exhausting, I never thought I’d be wanting this,
But I’m in love with this, I kinda crave the pain,
the way these weak minded cowards just love to say my name,
these people don’t even know me homie, you probably couldn’t even walk a block in my shoes,
people like to keep me on the bottom where it’s rotten and I’m lost & forgotten, but it’s not what I choose,
I really wanna tell you that I’m not gonna lose, but I don’t have a clue as I fall in this pit,
the same motherf***ers that be actin’ all cool are the same motherf***ers that be talkin’ that sh!t,
Stop it now quick, get up off of my d!ck, don’t come here bein’ friendly,
then switch up like that and stab me in the back ‘cause you were just pretending,
I’ll never let them get me, keep my eyes wide and stay up,
never sleep again my friend and try to get people to wake up,
but this sh!t’s so insane how, the pain and hatred rains down,
I was on my way up, but now I’m on my way back down,

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