New Age “Love” and Mind Control | Conscious Romaticism and Spiritual Snake Oil

New Age “Love” and Mind Control | Conscious Romaticism and Spiritual Snake Oil

“The Alchemical Gentrification/Weaponization of the Arts | Spoken Word & Stand Up Comedy Venues”

“”The Divine Purpose of the Universe” – Eckhart Tolle | Frequency Holder Paralysis”

#LondonReal #EckhartTolle

Automatonization – The Inner & External God King | Dreams, Celebrity Alter Egos & Love Sorcery”

“The AntiVillain Truth Serum Complex Is A Real Thing | What Are the Symptoms?”

“How, When, and Why Today’s International Peacekeeping Identity Was Created”

“The Meme Called Love | A Weaponization of Peace, Love, and Understanding”

“Adolescentism & Memetic Mind Controls | Why the Mainstream Promotes “Love” & Blissful Ignorance”

“What Truther Communities and Flat Earth Missed and Why”

“Behind the Curve – How the Controlled Narrative of Flat Earth Works | Post Livestream Thoughts”

“Behind Behind the Curve | When Flat Earth and Other Narrative Controllers Went Mainstream | Netflix”

“Addicted to “Humanity” | The Alchemy Behind Collective Self-Enslavement”

“The FAP Universe | Bio-Spiritual Warfare & The Realm of Creative Intelligence | FAP Earth”

“The Human-Animal Program | How Trivializing Truth & Flat Earth Works | Creative Energies | Sex Magic”

“TrutherTV – The Art of Controlling the Narrative | Trutherisms VS Intentions | Cannon’s Class”


Simulation Truth Syndrome – Inorganic Timelines | NWO – Alien Agenda | Flat Earth | Mandela Effect”

“Stuff The Western Establishment Doesn’t Want You To Know | Instagram Compilations” Playlist

“Truthertainment TV & The NWO VS The Empowered Revolution | A Message to Flat Earth & “Truther’s””

“Theoretical “Facts” & World Power | Flat Earth and the Scientific Method – Theory VS Fact”

“Westworld Decoded | Season 3 SJW Feminism | Simulation Theory | A.I. | Transhumanism | CERN | NWO”

“Virtual Realities, Algorithms & The Machine | The Secret War Within All Movements & Truther Circles”

“Simulation Theory – The Next Agenda | Elon Musk | Neil deGrasse Tyson | David Icke | Joe Rogan”

“What the Wizard REALLY Said – 80 Year Old Mind Control | The Wizard is the Doorman/Gatekeeper”

“Flat Earth & The Mainstream Contingency Programs | How People Keep the Parasitic Matrix Alive”

“This Is America – The Kanye Kardashian Klan | Flat Earth & Manipulation Consciousness”

“Psychophysical Hormone Manipulation | Relationships, Attraction, Mind Control, Flat Earth & Agendas”

“The Evolution of Mind Control – Unseasoned Consciousness | Flat Earth | SJW | Feminism | NWO”

“How “Truth” Becomes Mind Control | Flat Earth | Scientism | MSM | New Age & Conscious Communities”

“The Dangers of Unactivated Truth | A Message to the Flat Earth & Truther Community [Graphic Lang.]”

“The Agenda’s – The Normalization of Emptiness & Chaos | Flat Earth | NWO | CERN | Race | MSM”

“”A Theory of Everything” | Mandela Effect | CERN | Flat Earth | Futurism | Time | [Evil] Free Will”

“”Many Are Taught To Forget Long Before They Learn To Remember” | Flat Earth & Other Hot Distractions”

“How the World is Played by the Fool | Flat Earth | NWO | Alex Jones | CERN | Scientism | Hollywood”

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