NASA Fails Again & Again | Space is Fake ▶️️

NASA Fails Again & Again | Space is Fake ▶️️

Latest NASA Fail (at the very end of Video):

NASA Fails over and over again. Yet, somehow they are still a thing in 2018. Just do a youtube search for NASA Fails or NASA Bloopers and spend a whole day or more watching NASA fumble. From obvious green screens, wire harnesses and space bubbles to permed hair, software glitches and inconsistencies in stories, the International Space Station is clearly being faked by the space programs of the world. It’s so bad that all they really have left is brainwashing and mental conditioning through media programming and propaganda. It’s really sad. It’s time to put NASA to bed. Outer space doesn’t exist in the capacity that we are told and the earth is level and stationary plane. NASA lies. Do your research. – ODD TV =)

Check out another video of mine that covers more about outer space indoctrination – Flat Earth | History of Space Programming | Outer Space Does Not Exist ▶️️:

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