My Farewell To The Flat Earth

My Farewell To The Flat Earth

I am no longer Flat Earth Asshole. The Flat Earth movement is overrun with government agents and full blown retards making unproven claims. I personally don’t think the earth is a globe spinning in space and if someone asks me what I think the earth is, I will gladly say “I don’t know” and leave it at that. I warned you all that this movement is a controlled movement and the cast of characters within the movement are mostly absolute frauds and liars. I will no longer associate myself with the term “Flat Earther” because it is associated with liars, frauds and garbage disinformation that is easily debunked. If you want to believe in unproven claims made by paid liars that is your business but it won’t be mine. I will do a farewell to Flat Earth live stream very soon and make the announcement that I will continue making videos but I will now focus on other conspiracies and I will let the controlled opposition run wild with fantasy Flat Earth claims that nobody has proven such as dome and sun reflection off of a dome, 360 ice wall, etc.

I am not giving up on exposing truth and in fact I expect to shock you with some of my new upcoming videos which will be just as entertaining without the garbage drama of discussing controlled actors spreading lies in the Flat Earth community. If you want to follow their bullshit that is your choice but just remember I warned you all about this “movement” and where it is headed.

If my name change bothers you enough to unfriend or unsubscribe….well good you are the type I prefer to see disappear from my life. I will wake up way more people without the term “Flat Earth” attached to my name. So with that said Flat Earth Asshole is DEAD!!! Jake The Asshole is my new channel name and now I am free to talk about whatever I want and I no longer have to address any of the controlled flat earth crap show or the lame ass agents put in place to bury Flat Earth in dogshit. All the FE characters are dead to me and I won’t ever watch them or respond to any of them ever again.

So as of now, a new era begins….THE ERA OF THE ASSHOLE!!!

Stay Tuned My Friends.