Missed-Her ~ Biss-Terr /(Wick-Wi-West) ~AND~ Diamons 4 Dimes /(Nexus 4 Breakfusses) ~Teaserz Pleez

Missed-Her ~ Biss-Terr /(Wick-Wi-West) ~AND~ Diamons 4 Dimes /(Nexus 4 Breakfusses) ~Teaserz Pleez

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Missed-Her ~ Biss-Terr /(Wick-Wi-West)

Jive Turkey, My Slurpee, MInd on a Meal Ticket twirkin; Confined in this chop-stick Hurtin’; Got slimed by my own first person?;
Flesh of my flesh, Beaten 2 Death, No rest 4 the best BITCH WICKED; Dropped a house on her sister, Rolled up sox like a rolex watch over chicken pox; Mad cuz I still miss her, still mr. Blister, still miss mexican hitler, never even hit her; She aint no witch, bitch invented the dry snitch…
Bugaloo Shkrimp BuckWheat and Noodle, Banish Janus, Cleaned up, act fools though;
Bubba plus Gump times Sail Means CAPTAIN, Wind in my wings Pimp hard Clean Macin’;
Attempted drunken Disorderly, Gold Dawn Record bet up the squad to be in;
Kept wife beater but forgot about wifey;
Slept all night no heater in the cold assed pine trees
Frost wind blowin’ tip cups rollin’ up fine greensBlowin’ up blocks Nino Brown Beside me
Flowin’ fine rocks like pops with his skittle bags,
Growin’ my stocks hidin’ cocks in your mailbox,
Flat up style nine flocks in my uzi stock
Lazer tag baby 7-up red dot a cop
House on ya sister, brick blocks on copper heads
Moth back on mister head chop whole lotta heads
Listerine in back mouth, scope for the cotton-mouth,
DAMN.. I ran outta paper…
Attempted Drunken Disorderly, LIke shemp the scab stooge to the core of me;
I limped my way through time on a petty larceny;
Fell in love with a whore and she scored onna me;
Forgave & forgot but I guess she just bored a’ me;
Hung up my white straight laced black Doc’s
Suspended my crimson clip suspenders, Traded for Ice-laced rocks
Threw my purple straight laced blood oxe in the closet behind 5 ace-locks;
Grew out the Mane now I rocke designer burkenstocks;
I’ll keep my wife beater, Had a wife but didn’t Need her
Kept a wife but didn’t beat her and freed her
She was slicker and dicker than a name-brand needle (THATS WAL MART)
Cheerleader of the over-dose squad, captain of the nod-squad;
Saved her life twice & they freed her;
I’m on a stint for my card to get greener;
Attempted drunken disorderly;
Hand me some water, B?
Attempted Drunken disorderly, Relentless monkey drunk on the blood of me;
Built fences to keep funk-master flex hella way from me,
Dropped bombs on them walls to defend the free-baller in me;
Balls so free even Tom Petty Jealous of these;
Nuts on your chest & Nuts in a willow tree
Nuts on the wall & wall-nuts for a pillow G?
Hung hella nuts on your chin (already know what it mean);
Papa smurf cream blue, Gargle that raspberry breeze;
Azreal caught a felony;
Wanna Pimp skrimp hard?, Gump-up best follow me;
Keep fiends higher than pumps on nike’s;
Michelin goes up like mary poppin’s knees!
Stoved up in a meat-locker, Chizel down with my freeze popper, 13-times overdose didn’t stop that little knee-knocker;
Sizzle up brown water, sticky tar spoon & a candle;
Fizzle in my cup, down lean looney-toon & a gangsta;
33rd street corner 17-92
‘Spartan’ Burge county – 7-eggs for a lozenge, boo?
Got 3 weeks in the county for a can ofada brew,
Popped 3 sneaks for a bounty and a half (or two),
Reaped 3 crops guillatine for the mounty crew;
Steeped tea-bags on them poor corpses widows, too,
Blew pussy traps in the wind Trick-daddy style,
DJ Magic mike put a beet in my daddy’ car, DROP THAT!
Attempted drunken disorderly,
Dumped buckets of water onna witch, put a melt on her, see?;
Fell far, hit hard, brownstone sticky tar anna tweak;
My dog bit hard hailstones fell twice inna week;
Rat in a cage, mice inna rage, trapped inna maze, young & afraid, Dumb inna way, DOMINO babe;
I’m comin’ up on this creep, Sift stones by the creek, Golden Beers for the Snitch?
Old & Dear to my Amina Paccio:
How many versus is too many Verses,
How many horses is too many horses,
How many hurses bring too many corpses,’
Horse onna hurse versus corpses on Hurses
Blessed bitches with riches aint got back but curses;
Allegedly kidnapped the bitch and abandoned her;
of course that makes sense, yes of course sir, of course it does
Slingin’ diamons on tennis courts, Rhymin in Bently Cars;
Doin time in and on time every time corpses’ schmorgesborg;
corpses on horses and brownstones in skittle bags;
Pencil so dull versus torsoes’ tornadoes,
Mentally null versus voided vortexusses,
Dimes cum and dimes cum and dimes cum and sexuxes!
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