Magnification Mirroring & Illumination

Magnification Mirroring & Illumination

This is observable proof that these optical effects obscure our vision bottom up. When there is good visibility we see much further than science claims based off the circumference of earth. Globe defenders insist that it is refraction that causes the huge bulge of water to vanish at all different distances. When closer examination of with observational proof we find that refraction which is in the bending of light bends upwards. This bending of the light is actually the cause of objects getting cut off bottom first. The light starts to bend usually where the water starts to mirage/ mirror like we see on the roads. As we look farther into the distance this mirroring starts to ramp upwards causing what would be visible on a good day of visibility to basically become invisible. Think of it like putting a mirror on a slight tilt upward at the end of a table and anything level with the table beyond wouldn’t be seen. There are other effects like magnification that also in combination with the mirroring increases the mirroring effect. Then you also have optical distortion that also obscures our angular resolution of objects.
This is where objects can be refracted but this refraction only causes objects within your line of sight to get stretched up and compressed down.
They have never given us visual proof of objects being lifted behind hills or any other type of obstruction but yet they call you crazy.

We FE’ers have proven time and time again with real live observations that earth is either a flat with mountains and valleys of coarse or it is a hell of a lot bigger than we’ve been taught. IMHO it’s a plane of existence for life to survive.